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The Rice Route

The Rice Route (#arroceando ) is an the effort of several agencies committed to the revitalization and enhancement of a territory linked to rice cultivation, a fact that has influenced cultural expressions and the way of life of its inhabitants.

The Rice Route , has the purpose to offer the Albufera Natural Park a complementary economic activity, enhancing its culture, tradition, ecological and environmental value whilst designing measures that stimulate local economy of the towns around the Albufera Natural Park.

Rice is one of the main hallmarks of the Valencian habitat. The Valencian rice fields are concentrated around the Albufera Natural Park and the Saler Devesa (Meadow), origin for Valencia’s main global icon: the paella.

Despite having an economic and socially powerful agriculture sustained by rice, orange and orchard upto only fifty years ago, Valencia’s society has become an economically complex and diverse society and, obviously this has had consequences the Albuferas environment. This project aims to give back to rice its historical importance in Valencia.